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Friday, 25 July 2008

Males By Nature Are Polygamous!

That is true that male species are polygamous. Be it humans or animals. Males by nature woulkd go for multiple female partners (or would like for multiple partners. Have look at your house cats. The male cats always go for all the females on heat. Same as dogs, roosters, buffalos, etc, ect. Human males are the same. But for humans, we set rules and regulations and customs for guidance (or control, to be exact). It is like water, you can not halt the flow of water. If you do it will just find another way to flow by. When overflowing happens more damages can be caused. Hence, to halt the nature in the male species is unnatural but to control it with customs and belief will surely let the urge to subside. But the wanting is always there. Ask any man, you will a yes answer.

Because it is human nature (male nature), some religions or customs allow their believers to marry more then one. Islam is a good example. Islam does not forbid what is natural. Hence, Islam allows it followers to marry more then one but not more then four at one time. But ofcourse, there are certain rules and conditions to abide by. If a man cannot be adil (fair) to all his wives then it is better for him to marry only one. The responsibilities and burden are so heavy that you see most muslim men would not go for more then one wife. But by knowing that the provision is there, they are less stressful when dealing with their polygamous urge.

To be continued...

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