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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Males By Nature Are Polygamous! ..cont'd

...continued from earlier post...Females on the other hand are monogamous...they are loyal to one male partner at a time. Because once they are impregnated they don't have any urge to mate anymore. Because they have sure bearer of their genes coming to this world. And after their youngs are weaned or hatched and carry on with their lives, the female may start mating again not necessarily with the same male before, but another winning male that attracts her.

But not the males, even though they may have planted their seeds in many females, they are still uncertain whether that seed will succeed. So they must plant as much seed as possible (to as many females as possible), so that the probability of his genes to carry on this world is higher. That is of course in the animal world, but human beings are just another animals with intelligence.!

Subconsciously the man will want to have as many female partners or wives or girl friends so that his heritage will continue living in this world. But as I stressed in my earlier posting, this urge is actually govern by many factors,eg. religions and customs. The human beings do also have the emotional faculty that guide this animalistic wants. Shame, respect, fear, piety and endurance are part of human characteristics that guide their behaviour.

A certain society may encourage polygamy to flourish but another society may not allow it at all. And as water flow cannot be contained, the poligamous urge of the men in that society will find many ways to have more then one female partners or wives. This will give rise to extra marital relationships, mistresses, casanova etc. Moreover, if this is not governed by certain rules, there shall be many problems arising from such practices. Bastards, unwanted children, broken families, divorces and many other society ills may appear in this society.

Eventhough Islam has clear guidelines and rules and conditions, they are still problems due polygamy. It is not the phylosaphy of poligamy that err it is more to the adherence of the Muslim men. Piety in men differ from one man to another. So in order for adherence to be strictly followed, the shariah law must be enforced by the Court. A man who wants to practice polygamy must fulfil the conditions set by the court failing which the court will take action on that man.

As a matter facts, the Muslim world are more at ease in their society. There are more tranquility and serinity there. Ofcourse the western mind may not agree to these facts. What they see is that the Islamic world discrimainate their womenfolks, when women have to share their husbands and have too much dress covering them (that another matter to discuss..may be in other postings). What the western minds do not see is the much lesser society ills and the general piece of mind in the Muslim world. In a world of turmoils, piece of mind is most precious!.

To be continued...

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