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Saturday, 27 December 2008

The Storey Of Puso

i always wanted to research about my wife's origin.. she's a descendant of Aban Jau of the Kenyah Sebob king in Ulu Tinjar, from her father's side. I understand that Aban Jau (sometime early 1800s) was crowned as Sultan Brunei representative in Ulu Tinjar.
His grand daughter, Lata, married a Brunei pengeran, Awang Rajit, who came to Ulu Tinjar area to trade. From the marriage they had a son named Puso. Later Awang Rajit went bck to Brunei but was prevented to bring his wife and son back with him. He was prevented to do so because Puso was a lineage of Aban Jau to inherit his leadership.
Later Awang Rajit, asked his brother and fellow Bruneians to kidnap Puso on their next trip to trade in the interior. The Bruneians managed to kidnap Puso when the Sebob were busy in their works/orchards. During the pursuit of the kidnappers, the Sebob realized that the ones that kidnap Puso was his uncle and it was decided that Puso would be alright in the custody of the Bruneians (since they were not enemies). Puso was brought to Bintulu where a community of Bruneians were living there (to escape from the tyranny of the Sultan).
Puso was brought up as a Muslim in Bintulu amongst the Melanaus and the Bruneians. When he was big enough, Puso was married to the local girl. He married three times, first to Naemah, second to Dayang Khatijah and lastly to Embed. My wife lineage comes from the marriage of Puso with Naemah, the first wife. I've got the lineage tree to trace back my wife's blood to Aban Jau the Sebob King.
I'm very interested to meet the Orang Ulu side of my wife's that i can further research about the legendary Aban Jau. If any of you out have some info about him and his Orang Ulu lineage , you can contact me at

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